30th Franklin Classic Race Report

The Franklin Classic is one of those “must do” races for me. There are not a lot of 10k in the area and so it is always a good chance to do a sanity check on my fall marathon training. Also, it is for a good cause, the Mercy Children’s Clinic, and what else is there do to on Labor Day other than to get up and run.

DSC 0108Franklin is about 6 miles south and I pulled into the parking garage about 6:15. There was already a crowd gathering for the 5K race that started at 7. The 10K race started at 7:30.

I put on my race bib, Garmin and grabbed my camera and headed to pick up my timing chip.

As I left the parking garage I turned on my watch.

After getting my chip, I looked at my watch and notice it was not on, strange. I turned it on again and saw the low battery message just before it cut off….rats. I didn’t bring my sports watch, so I was running “blind”.

I took photos of the 5k start and then headed back to the car to drop off the camera and my Garmin.

DSC 0142

Went a found Joe and hung out with him as we waited for the race to start.

It was very humid with no air moving. I told Joe that this reminded me of Chicago last year.

When the gun fired, we slowly made it to the starting line. Joe said he would see me at the finish. I told him I would save him some food.

Without a watch, I just took off and ran. The pace felt good but with the hills and the heat, I was fearful that I started out too fast.

When I got to the first split, I realized I didn’t look at the clock at the start so I didn’t know what my offset was. The split was a clock time of around 9.

At mile 3, I grabbed some water and then again at mile 4.5. I felt that I had slowed down some but kept pushing. By that point, it seemed that everyone was struggling with the humidity.

The race starts and finishes at the Square. The last two block are through the “downtown” district. It is a really cool finish because of the crowds, it has the feel of a big time race finish.

I pushed for the finish line as the clock turned 52:00. Now I just had to wait to see what my chip time was.

Headed for the food tent and got PowerAid and bananas. When they finally posted the results, my chip time was 51:06, a PR. Beating my time from last year by 29 seconds.

Even though I placed 16 out of 64 in my age group, I was the first 54 year old to finish. When you get old you look for small victories!

7 Responses to “30th Franklin Classic Race Report”

  1. Joe Says:

    FANTASTIC!! What a cool race and even cooler you did it by “feel”!! This is a neat affirmation of your conditioning for the fall races, David.

    Congrats on the PR…that is no small feat in this heat and humidity. Glad you enjoyed it. Cool to win the “54 year old” age division too!!!

  2. Michele Says:

    congrats on the new PR!!! Wish i could have been there to run with you.

    You are going to have an awesome race in memphis.

  3. Lisa Smith Says:

    That’s GREAT!
    That course really did me in last year. I struggled on the hills.

  4. Kevin Westbrook Says:

    Excellent post. I ran in this race too and I was really impressed. Congrats on your PR. It is also nice to see a Nashville running blogger. I am also training for the St. Jude Marathon. It will be my first! Good luck with your training!

  5. Rae Says:

    Way to go! Congrats on the new PR! I have the opposite philosophy on holiday races – to me there’s nothing better than sleeping in! =) Keep up the great Memphis training and I’m sure I’ll run into you on the block soon!

  6. Bob Allen Says:

    When you’re old like us, you’ve learned how to read your body! And, hey, I’m all for small victories. Good run and congrats on the PR w/o a Garmin.

  7. darrell Says:

    Congrats on the PR. I guess running blind is a good thing sometimes.

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