Daily Run

Today was an easy recovery day. Ran 5 miles on my neighborhood “course”. Didn’t push it but it does seem that I tend to run faster when I am listening to my iPod.

Training for the week
Sun: Rest Day/Weight Machines @ Y
Mon: 9 miles with 4 miles @ Tempo – 1:17:31
Tues: 5 miles – easy 45:59, pace 9:10

2 Responses to “Daily Run”

  1. Michele Says:

    that’s it. i am NOT running with you at tom king. 9:10 is not EASY!!!!!

    BTW, great job on your training

  2. Matt Says:

    Hi – I came across your site today and have enjoyed reading about your training. Good luck with your 2007 goals! I look forward to reading about your progress. I am training for two marathons this year and look forward to improving my time. Who knows…maybe I’ll start a blog to talk about it more.

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