St. Jude Training – Week 11

In many ways this was “hump” week, the highest mileage week in the Pfitz plan, 55 miles.

I was tired going into the week from the Middle Half last Saturday, but very encouraged too.

The plan called for two 12 mile runs, two recovery runs and 20 miles on Saturday.

Saturday morning the temperature was in the upper 30s and provided a great morning to run. My time was seven and a half minutes better than three weeks ago and that was with two bathroom stops.

My one regret for the week was not making it to the pool but I felt like I need the rest day more than the swim.

Training for the week
Sun: Rest
Mon: 6.05 miles w/6 x 100m strides – 54:17, 8:58 pace
Tues: 12.02 miles w/7 @ tempo – 1:43:25, 8:36 pace
Wed: Rest
Thur: 12.01 miles – 1:50:33, 9:12 pace
Fri: 5 miles – 44:39, 8:56 pace
Sat: 20 miles – 3:06:40, 9:20 pace

Total for the week: 55 miles

4 Responses to “St. Jude Training – Week 11”

  1. Michele Says:

    Another great week!!!! You are going to rock in Memphis. Wish I could run with you.

  2. darrell Says:

    It is good to be over the hump. You are solid in getting these workouts in, I applaud you.

  3. Lisa Says:

    A sub-4 hr marathon has your name all over it in Memphis! :)

  4. Joe Says:

    Boy, I’m behind on catching up with blogs…and wow, look at what you are getting done!! The 55 mile week with that intensity is awesome. Pfitz will do that.

    Seven weeks to go…you are really getting set!

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