Off to a Good Start

Started off the New Year yesterday with a 12 mile run with 7 at tempo. Ran the first 2 as warm up and the last 3 as cool down. The times for the tempo miles were as follows: 7:36, 7:46, 7:40, 8:07, 7:59, 8:19 and 7:55. It was a great run to start off the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, I registered for several spring races before the price went up. I’ve signed up for the Mercedes Marathon, Tom King Half Marathon, and the Country Music Marathon. Last Spring, I said I would never do the Country Music Marathon again, but I find it hard to pass up a race that close. Also, Amy signed up for the Tom King.

So now I am poor!

Training for the week
Sun: Rest
Mon: 6 miles w/ 6 x 100m strides – 52:31, 8:40 pace
Tues: 12 miles w/ 7 @ tempo – 1:39:52, 8:19 pace
Wed: Rest

2 Responses to “Off to a Good Start”

  1. Dusty Says:

    Looks like a fun year you have planned there! I’ve picked out 6 shorter races for the next 6 months, but haven’t entered 5 of them.

    Wish you were closer to do my tempo run with me today! :) hee hee! I hope mine comes out as nice as yours! Happy New Year – get lots of PRs and no injuires this year!

  2. darrell Says:

    …a very good start.

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