Saturday Morning

It is Saturday so it must be time for a long run. Left the house a little before 6 this morning for a 17 mile run. The temperature was around freezing and the wind was at 10 mph from the southwest. Ran the first five miles to warm up and then the last 12 with a target heart rate between 140 and 155. The goal is to creep up toward the higher end of the range for the last few miles. Total time for the run was 2:41:10, a 9:28 pace. Ran the last 12 miles at a 9:10 pace.

Training for the week
Sun: Rest Day/Weight Machines @ Y
Mon: 9 miles with 4 miles @ Tempo – 1:17:31
Tues: 5 miles – easy 45:59, pace 9:10
Wed: 10 miles – 1:33:28, pace 9:20
Thur: Rest Day
Fri: 5 miles – easy 46:06, pace 9:11
Sat: 17 miles – 2:41:10, pace 9:28

Total for the week: 46 miles

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  1. Rae Says:

    Great job getting the miles in!!! And personally I have a hard time believing you’ve been working at “the place” as long as you have! To ME, you don’t look old enough to have been working that long. But then again I’m getting older myself!

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