2005 USA Marathon Report

MarathonGuide.com has published their 2005 overview of marathoning in the USA. There are some interesting numbers in the report. Especially for those in the middle of the pack like me.

There was a 5.9% growth in the number of marathon finishes in the USA in 2005. More than 382,000 marathon finishing times were recorded last year (and I was one of them).

The average age for men was 40.5 with an averge finishing time of 4:32:08. The averge of the women finishers was 36.1 with an average finishing time of 5:06:08. For all runners, the averge age was 38.7 finishing with a time of 4:45:47.

My age group made up 6.22% of the finishers with an average time of 4:37:25. Makes me feel good about this 51 year-old man finishing my first marathon in 4:48! How much more middle of the pack can I be?

For the full report: MarathonGuide.com – 2005 USA Marathon Report

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