Recovery is the Word

I have been taking it easy as a far as running is concerned the past two weeks.  But when it occurred to me that the GJCC Tri on Memorial Day was fast approaching, I knew I could not rest for long.  I needed to spend some time in the pool and in the saddle.

This past week I rode once, made it to spin class once and was in the pool three times.

My mantra for the summer is to have fun and not worry about racing. But needless to say, I do want to be able to finish.  So, this past week on…

Sunday, Amy and I rode 12 miles.

Monday, I swam at lunch and ran 5 miles after work.

Tuesday, I made it to spin class.

Wednesday was a repeat of Monday.

Thursday was a rest day.

Friday, it was back to the pool and only 4 miles after work.

Saturday, I ran an easy 7 miles.

3 Responses to “Recovery is the Word”

  1. Dusty Says:

    Having fun – that has been my plan this season. Just remember… if I were there, you’d totally beat me. I can a tri – drown, wreck, run. haha! Good Luck!!

  2. Joe Says:

    Boy, it’s tough to not be competitive!!

    Hope you had a fun graduation weekend!! Empty nest not far behind!!!

  3. Jill Says:

    Oh!! See you at GJCC on Monday. This is my first ever tri. I don’t have a clue…but hope I can finish also…oh, and not fall off my bike! he he.

    See you soon!! Hope your race goes terrific as well!


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