Flying Pig Training – Week 4

I’m a little behind in my post for last week.  I was out of town this weekend and didn’t get back until Sunday night.  Went to North Carolina to visit Mom and Dad.  Dad was recognized at his church Sunday for serving as treasure for almost 60 years!

For the last few weeks I have had a nagging soreness in my right knee/upper leg.  I can’t decide if it is my knee or tendons. When I start to run, I feel like I’m hobbling for the first 100 yards or so and then I’m all right.  There is some discomfort when but it usually goes away as I warm up.  After the run it is sore and tight and hard to go down stairs.  For right now, I guess I’ll just keep babying it and see if the discomfort will go away. Maybe, I need to start taking Celebrex again!

Monday,  I ran 8 miles with 10 x 100m strides. Most of the intervals were in the 25 sec range.

Tuesday was a recovery day, only 5 miles.  I didn’t make it to the Y to swim because I wanted to watch the Inauguration.  The streaming feed was choppy so I decided to eat lunch instead.

Wednesday was a general aerobic run of 10 miles.

Thursday, I did make it to the pool at lunch. I guess one day is better than not at all.

Friday, I took a vacation day and ran 15 miles before flying to North Carolina.

Saturday was a short but hilly 4 mile recovery run.

Training for the week
Sun: Rest
Mon: 8 miles w/10x100m strides – 1:09:11, 8:39 pace
Tues: 5 miles – 44:39, 8:55 pace
Wed: 10 miles – 1:25:18, 8:31 pace
Thur: Rest/Swim
Fri: 15 miles – 2:12:05, 8:48 pace
Sat: 4 miles – 36:27, 9:05 pace

Total for the week: 42 miles

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  1. Michele Says:

    More awesome runs!!!
    Take care of that knee I need you at 100% at the Pig. Going to have to push me extra hard this race.

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