Back in the grove

So much for recovery…

I still haven’t signed up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon. The race is filling up so I may not be able to get in. But I am waiting to sign up until I know that Gayle’s Mom is coming back to Tennessee with us after Christmas. I will be surprised if she doesn’t but her health is not that great, so we never know. I will not know for sure until December 30th.

All that is to say, I am hedging my bets and am running as if I am going to race in February. I figure I can always back off if need be.

This past week was wet and cold forcing me to the Y Monday and Tuesday to run on the treadmill.

Wednesday, my girls gave me my Father’s Day present, a custom running shirt listing my marathon cities. Better late than never. One advantage of delaying, they added Memphis.

DSC 0232

Thursday, I ran 7 miles in the fog. It was so thick, I almost got hit twice and I have on my reflector vest.

Friday was like a Spring day in the low 70s

Saturday morning I ran 12 miles. As I was heading into Crockett Park two hot air balloons were lifting off. (The second balloon is behind the tree, barely off the ground.) The temperature was in the mid-30s. It had to be a cold ride for the first day of winter.

winter ballons

Training for the week
Sun: Rest
Mon: 5 miles – 44:55, 8:59 pace
Tues: 5 miles – 45:13, 9:02 pace
Wed: Rest
Thur: 7 miles – 1:03:15, 9:01 pace
Fri: 5 Miles – 44:51, 8:58 pace
Sat: 12 miles – 1:51:17, 9:16 pace

Total for the week: 34 miles

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  1. Dusty Says:

    LOVE the shirt!! Too cool. Happy belated Father’s Day! :) I hope your race works out & you get the entry!!

  2. darrell Says:

    The shirt is really neat. Hot air balloons are pretty amazing.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Very nice shirt!

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