Today was the first “tempo” run of the cycle. It was 92 F when I headed out the door this afternoon. Luckily, there was nice breeze from the North and the humidity wasn’t too high.

Ran two miles to warm up, then 4 at half marathon pace (8:07, 8:15, 8:09, 7:56), then 2 miles to cool down.

Felt it was a good test, especially in the heat.

Training for the week
Sun: Bike 18 miles w/ Amy
Mon: 8 miles w/ 4 @ tempo – 1:09:38, 8:42 pace

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  1. Michele Says:

    I am not running anymore half marathons with you, you will leave me in your dust.
    awesome tempo run
    I don’t know how you run in this heat.

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