St. Jude Training – Week 3

I’m slowly getting into the training groove with week 3 now behind me.

We moved middle daughter, Sara, back to college Friday. It is always interesting to me how each year the girls seem to have less stuff. The freshman year, they take everything. After that, they start packing only what they will use.

Had a good run Saturday morning. It was a little warmer and more humid than last week as Fay provided some cloud cover.

The best part of the run was meeting up with Joe and running with him at mile 11 for a mile or so. He helped me pick up my pace so I could finish strong. My last mile split was 8:51.

Training for the week
Sun: Bike 18 miles w/ Amy
Mon: 8 miles w/ 4 @ tempo – 1:09:38, 8:42 pace
Tues: 4 miles – 36:23, 9:04 pace/800m swim
Wed: 10 miles – 1:35:20, 9:31 pace
Thur: Rest / 800m Swim
Fri: 4 miles – 37:24, 9:20 pace
Sat: 14 miles – 2:14:12, 9:34 pace

Total for the week: 40 miles

2 Responses to “St. Jude Training – Week 3”

  1. Joe Says:

    Man, you are solid in your training, David…I’m really impressed.

    Hope Amy has a great year!

  2. Michele Says:

    Another solid week of training. memphis will be your sub 4.

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