McMinnville City Triathlon

Got up at 3 am, shaved, ate breakfast and loaded up the car. Gayle and I were on the road by 4:30. Needless to say the traffic was light that time of the morning, so we rolled into the parking lot in McMinnville a little after 6 and headed to pick up my packet.

Set a text message to Michele that we was there and got one quickly back that she was on site too.

While waiting in line to register, I saw Stephen.

DSC 0164Headed back to the car and started collecting my gear. Michele came by and helped me get set up. We visited for a little bit then I headed for the pool for a practice lap.

Caught back up with Stephen and his family.

Soon it was time to line up for the swim. Just like the GJCC Tri, Team Magic, the race management company, had us jump in the pool. The difference this time was we were starting in the deep end.

DSC 0191It finally was my time to go. This was by far the best swim of the three races that I have done. I am by no means fast but I didn’t feel like I was struggling in the water. There were a couple of times my Velcro watch ban came loose and I had to adjust it. But I made the adjustment and then picked back up with the swim.

Made it to transition and out on the bike.

The course was rolling hills with most of it on a by-pass. The grades were long but not that steep. The main factor was a strong head wind on the way out. A couple of times the cross wind felt like it was push you over.

Kept playing tag on the bike with one lady.

As I headed back to transition, I saw Gayle.

When I got to transition, there was my new bike “friend” right next to my spot. I told here that she just thought she had gotten rid of me. She said that I would take her on the run and off she went.

I racked my bike, changed shoes and headed out. I saw Gayle again as I headed out for the run.

Caught up the bike lady about a half mile out and she stayed with me until a hill about a mile later.

DSC 0214The run went well and I made it back to the finish. As I crossed the line I saw Gayle and Michele.

The cold PowerAde tasted great.

Hung around for a little while then Gayle and I headed back home stopping in Manchester for breakfast/lunch at Cracker Barrel.

When we got back around 1, Sara was heading out with her boy friend. So with the house quite, we both took naps.

The race was 350 yard swim, 15.5 mile bike and 5K run. My time was 1:36. It leaves room for a lot of improvement but most of all I had a great time doing it and didn’t feel beat up when I finished. And of course, Gayle was a real trooper for coming along.

4 Responses to “McMinnville City Triathlon”

  1. Michele Says:

    You had a great race and looked strong at the finish.
    Gayle did an awesome job with the picture taking. be sure and tell her thanks for me.
    It was great to see you again. Hate that I am missing Cedars this year. But there is still Star and Staggerwing. And if you want to go a little longer Music City.
    Congrats on an awesome race.

  2. Joe Says:

    Wow…to feel good at the end is a wonderful thing. Sounds like you managed the race well.

    And kudos to Gayle for getting up that early and hanging around…she’s a real trooper!! Glad you both got a nap!!

    Nice work…keep slogging through the humidity!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like you all had a great time, Congrats on a great race!

  4. Rae Says:

    Way to go !! You are gonna be Iron material before you know it!

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