Second try

Since today was a “short” day. I thought I would try the running/swimming thing again. It worked this time.

I headed to the Y after work, changed and ran the 4 mile loop out through Crocket Park. It started raining about the time I got back but not very heavy. Like Tuesday, they only had two lanes in the pool set up and there was no one in either one….GREAT. Changed and headed to the pool. by the time I got there a guy was doing laps in one lane and two boys were getting a swimming lesson in the other. So I made my own lane. I was not going to be denied! Got to run through a number of the drills. I will say it is a little harder after running. Good run, and good swim… I ready for supper!

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  1. Michele Says:

    Great job getting the swim in despite the lack of a lane!!!

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