The Basics

This article by John “The Penguin” Bingham was in the weekly email from, Penguin Chronicles: Failing to run. Bingham talks about the many reason people have for running including his own.  There was one quote that I really liked:

It was time to get back to basics. It was time to rediscover the joy of earlier years. It was time to find myself. It was time to run.

How amazing it was to set off on an odyssey of self discovery without a guide, with nothing more than my body and my mind. What I was going to learn was not to come from a book or the words of a teacher or therapist, but from my own feet. Each step would reveal a new insight, a new thought, a new feeling.

There is something basic about setting out for a run, just me and the road. I can go where ever my feet will carry me. There is something freeing about setting out early in the morning when most folks are asleep and alone with your thoughts and the steady sound of my shoes hitting the road. Or running in the heat of the day and learning that I can live without air conditioning.

Running for me has been an odyssey where I have discovered that I can run farther than I ever though possible. That I have time to look at things from a new perspective and give thanks to God for all that I have learned.

Onward and upward.

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