2010 Chicago Training – Week 4

Four weeks down 14 to go.

My routine changed this past week.  We left middle Tennessee on June 25 heading East for a week of vacation.  It was great to have all the girls with us.  We stopped in High Point, NC, and picked up Mom before heading to the North Carolina coast to meet up with my brother and sisters.

One of the good things about being off work was that I was able to run early in the morning.  I know I will have to reacclimate to the afternoon heat this coming week.

Sunday, Amy and I ran 5 miles to the North Carolina Aquarium and back.

0714080709 Monday, I ran 10 miles to the end of the island.

Tuesday, was a repeat of Monday with Amy followed by 5 x 100m strides.

Wednesday was another 10 miler.

Thursday and Friday were travel days.

Saturday, I opted to not run the Firecracker 5k but instead ran 17 miles. By chance, I ran in to Chris and Keith at mile 5.  Chris split off at mile 7 but Keith ran with me through mile 15.  It was great to have some company.  It made the miles go by faster.

Total for the week: 47 – not bad for a vacation week.

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