Chicago Training – Week 3

Another hot week as I have settled into the training for Chicago in October. One question that keeps coming back to me is at what point do you slow down so much for the heat that you are actually training yourself to run slow?

Since I had some vacation time this week, I was able to put in some morning runs this week. Even though it was still hot, I did log some faster times. That was good news.

Monday’s run was 5 miles in the neighborhood after work with 5 short hill repeats.

Tuesday was a long hot 10 miler. I usually done run with my iPod except in the summer to distract me from the heat. But Tuesday the battery died with 4 miles left to go. So I was left to suffer in silence.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Since Thursday was a vacation day, I ran my long run for the week. Was out the door by 4:30 for a 17 miler. It was still hot but I followed the pattern I set last Saturday continuing to increase the amount of water I drink during the workout. I still lost 6 pounds!

Friday was a travel day.

Saturday was another early morning 10 miler. But it was the best time I had log at that distance in several weeks.

Total for the week: 42 miles

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