St. Jude Training – Week 13

Theme of this past week was pace.

Monday was a general aerobic 8 miler.

Tuesday’s run was 9 miles with 5 x 1000m intervals with a 90 seconds jog between (4:48, 4:46, 4:42, 4:46, 4:44). According to McMillian, the target was 4:46 to 4:52 but I did check the chart until today.

Wednesday was a rest day and because of all day meetings at work, I didn’t make it to the pool again this week. Not a good trend.

Thursday as a 12 mile run.

Friday was a 5 mile recover run.

Saturday was a marathon specific run of 17 miles with 14 at marathon pace. After a three mile warm up, I hit the gas. Ran the 14 miles at an 8:56 average pace, which included a pit stop at mile 6 and 12.

Finally, a big congratulations to Lana and Michele who both completed their first Ironman in Florida on Saturday.

Training for the week
Sun: Rest
Mon: 8 miles – 1:09:26, 8:40 pace
Tues: 9 miles w/5 x 1000m intervals – 1:18:43, 8:40 pace
Wed: Rest
Thur: 12 miles – 1:46:55, 8:54 pace
Fri: 5 miles – 45:25, 9:04 pace
Sat: 17 miles w 14 @ race pace – 2:35:12, 9:07 pace

Total for the week: 51 miles

3 Responses to “St. Jude Training – Week 13”

  1. Joe Says:

    Another solid week in the bank, David. Very cool. You are just getting stronger and stronger.

  2. darrell Says:

    Nice job crankin’ out the training. So cool for Lana and Michele, and Wes too.

  3. Dusty Says:

    Great job & congrats on nailing the 1000′s without knowing the target! You are going to do so awesome!!

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